To us, the point of life is to share moments and memories with those you love. It’s to create a family and life filled with love, adventure and compassion. Along the way, yes, there will be bumps, there will be ups and downs. But love, adventures and compassion make it all enduring.

Our family started before Jean and the boys and I where a family.

It started with Karoo, my first boy. He was a beautiful sunset chaser, he lived for the ocean, for fresh air and adventures. A lot of who I am, I have to attribute to him, as whenever I came home we’d always go on an adventure. And so begun my first family story, Karoo - the sunset chaser. He was the colour of a faint Karoo sunset, slightly golden, with hints of dark earthy brown in his bright eyes. Sadly, his sun set, and we prematurely stopped chasing adventures and sunsets together. He passed away at a year and a half, and I was shattered. My boy passed before his second birthday - he never went to the beach again. He was never there when I came home again.

After his passing I didn’t want another dog, but my vets assistant wouldn’t let me live without one. She let me morn the shattering loss of Karoo, but when she knew I was ready she found me Adix, my Adi-Bax. Adix is a rescue, and I will never forget when I first brough him home. I sat on the floor, and took him in; a broken small lost boy, and me a mirror, a broken and lost human.

In that moment Adix walked across to me, hesitated and then pushed his head into my chest, by my heart and sat in front of me. I’ve never had a dog do that, it felt like he was thanking me, that he was giving all he could to me, showing me love and vulnerability. It was such a beautiful moment, and he still does it sometimes.

However I’d be lying if I said it was smooth sailing from that moment onwards. Adix was a scared and broken dog, he didn’t like the things Karoo did. It was a slow realisation that Adix had his own ways, he wasn’t as outgoing and adventure driven as Karoo was. And it was heartbreaking to realise that Adix is scared of the ocean, he doesn’t like dogs and he doesn’t like change. Yet once I realised that Adix was his own individual, I could learn what he loved, and it made the healing and the bond better.

He loves cuddles and sleeping under curtains. He loves quite moments and familiar places and things. Adix became my sounding board for everything, his soft nature and lovingness makes him the most amazing support.

Then came Jean, my mountain man. The best surprise that walked into my life. Life is odd, as Jean and I went to school together, but we never crossed each others minds. Then one day we bumped into each other, and then again, and again. He took a chance and asked me out, but not on your usual date. Our first date was a hike with Adix and Bullet, because our first priority was seeing if our dogs got along - which, in time they did. And there began our family. We started as a family of 4, one big boy and one small boy.

But, even though I had lost Karoo I had an undying love for Goldens, and after house sitting a friends house that had a Golden, we both wanted one. I contacted Karoo’s breeder because she was happy to give me another puppy. But that puppy died… Yet, I was determined, I knew I needed this puppy. So, I, like any normal and slightly desperate person would, went to see if there where any puppies available - and what would you guess the top hit was just what I was looking for. I jumped at the chance, she had puppies available, she showed me them all, and I had said how I loved this one puppy. The next day, I went to my mom and sat her down, I told her I needed someone to come with me, but that she couldn’t tell Jean or dad. My mom’s the best, she was keen as mustard and said we could go anytime. That next day we went, it was heaven, there where easily ten adorable puppies. It took me about 2 hours to choose which one, and after the longest time I just went with it, I choose a boy and we took him home. We found out later, that Malachite was the puppy I had originally told the breeder I loved.

When we got home I cracked immediately and told my dad, he was super excited and came over to see him.

But then was Jean, I asked him to come over as soon as he could. He found my enthusiasm all a little odd, but came over as soon as he could. When I greeted him, I was smiling from ear to ear, which just added more to his suspicions. I dragged him to the room where Malachite was wrapped up in a blanket.

The moment Jean saw what was on the bed, he was dumbstruck. He walked back into the lounge and asked me if there was really a puppy on the bed, and I said yes. His eyes welled up, nodded excitedly and smiled. He got onto the bed, held him and decided that his name was going to be Malachite.

And from there on out, these two have formed the strongest bond. Every morning Malachite wakes up and jumps onto Jean for cuddles and ear licks. 

Now, with our big family of 5, we spend all our time busy and occupied with the boys. Going on adventures and playing with them. Having 3 dogs, is not always the easiest, but we love them and luckily our boys get along well.

Adix is the aloof older brother, who will suddenly just break into play with the younger two. Bullet is our middle child, who most certainly has middle child syndrome, and Malachite is our attention seeking baby. With our family we have met so many amazing people, because we find dog people always want to connect. That is how we found Benji and Moon, I saw there beautiful products and popped them a mail, asking to work with their beautiful brand and products - and that was the beginning of our story with this lovely brand.

But now, our story is changing again. Jean has left to New Zealand for work, and our family is spread across the world. We don’t know what the future holds for us.

We just know that love, adventures and compassion make it all enduring.


- Willow Tucker of @willowtucker

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