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Benji + Moon's MUCA Organic Catnip, it's not named after your feline friend for nothing!

A member of the mint family, Nepeta cataria contains the cat attractant, nepetalactone which mimics cats' "happy" pheromones and stimulates the corresponding neural receptors.

Our cat highs are 100% organically grown, locally, without the use of herbicides, pesticides of GMO crops. This means your kitty can sniff, lick, roll in or nibble MUCA without ingesting all the nasties - just pure kitty bliss!

Also available in our B+M Kitty Kit.

Please note: Kittens under 6 months have not yet developed the sensory ability to enjoy catnip. Results may vary from cat to cat, because, cats.


Homegrown in Wellington, Cape Town South Africa

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