For those Angels who are about saving lives before cash this Black Friday we have a favour to ask, an important role for you to play in the life of another.

On Friday 26th November 2021 can you visit your local animal shelter, find a black dog or cat, maybe find them all and make them feel that this Black Friday is all about them?

Read to them.

Take them on an adventure to a park close by.

Give them that ear scratch for as long as they want.

Play ball and leave it behind.

Give them a full body brush down.

Pack delicious treats and don’t be shy with them.

Take them for a walk.

Give them belly rubs.

Tell them what a good boy/girl they are.

Look deep into their eyes with love and hope.

Let them fall asleep on your lap.

Donate to the place that saved their life.

And tell us @benjiandmoon and the world ALL about them, the black dog and/or cat you loved to the moon and back for this Black Friday so the world can know how special they are, how special you are and together we can help increase their chances of adoption.

You see, if you ask any shelter, black dogs and cats are the least likely to be adopted, this Black Friday lets change that.

Benji + Moon will be going to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) in Durban Deep Roodepoort is any Angels would like to join us there.

Please spread the word.

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so you have a much-loved tail

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