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Benji + Moon's Festive Leather Dog Collars are made from the most comfortable double layered leather finished off with functional heavy-duty hardware.

This very limited edition is the perfect under the tree addition for the goodest boys and girls.

Please note the tab does not move/is not adjustable.

Buckle to first hole: 23 cm - to last hole 30.5 cm approx.
Length 36 cm x 1.2 cm Width approx.
Buckle to first hole: 34 cm - to last hole 42 cm approx.
Length 46cm x 2.2cm Width approx.
Buckle to first hole: 41cm - to last hole 50 cm approx.
Length 56cm x 2.5cm Width approx.
Large Plus 
Buckle to first hole: 49 cm - to last hole 58 cm approx.
Length 64cm x 3cm Width approx.
Extra Large 
Buckle to first hole: 59 cm - to last hole 68 cm approx.
Length 73cm x 3cm Width approx.

Fern (green top, red under)

Cherry (red top, green under)


Handcrafted in South Africa by master saddle makers.

A few good to knows:

- Light leather will darken in colour with the reverse happening to darker leather

- Hot and dry weather dehydrates leather over time

- Leather that gets wet will stiffen with time

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