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Benji + Moon's wander ready genuine Leather Dog Leads are made from high quality vegetable-tanned leather and heavy-duty hardware.

They also include an O-ring on the handle for cross body easy attachment. 

Why vegetable-tanned leather? Vegetable tanning is a slow artisanal process using tannic acids that are naturally found in plants. This means no nasty toxins are used in the tanning process. It also offers high durability and strength and a more natural and organic look. It's the perfect choice for your dog's health and the environment. 


114cm long x 1.9cm wide (natural with natural trim, black with black trim)
114cm long x 1.4cm wide (black with natural trim, natural with black trim)


Black with Natural Trim

Natural with Black Trim

Natural with Natural Trim

Black with Black Trim


Handcrafted in South Africa by master saddle makers.


Pre-conditioned and weather-proofed.

A few good to knows:

- Light leather will darken in colour with the reverse happening to darker leather

- Hot and dry weather dehydrates leather over time

- Leather that gets wet will stiffen with time

If a clean is necessary a clean damp cloth wipe should do.


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