Benji + Moon is a small collection of locally handcrafted products for much loved tails.

We work with local artisans and established designers to bring you beautifully designed pet products that suit your home and aesthetic whilst proudly donating 5% of your purchase to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare).


About the Founders

Hanneke Schutte Storyteller, Scriptwriter and Director and Karen Carr Advertising Freelance Fixer have seven dogs and a cat between them, it’s their shared love for all things four legged (one three legged) and a mutual peeve of having to hide hideous pet bowls and beds when friends came over, that brought what was already a friendship together to launch Benji + Moon.


Benji + Moon was born out of:

  • true need for pet products that are functionally designed talking points, rather than an eye sore
  • true partnerships with local artisans whose craft deserves encouragement, support and pride of place
  • true compassion with 5% of every purchase made going to CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) 




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