Our Benji + Moon Date-a-Dog Events

We launched our Date-A-Dog events in 2016 at one of the early editions of the Linden Market. We saw it as an opportunity to get people to meet some of the incredible rescue dogs from CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare). Since CLAW is situated in Durban Deep, people are often reluctant to travel that far to visit the facility and that's why we decided to bring the dogs to the people. 

We thought that a market was a great place for people to play and interact with the dogs and to take them for a walk around the market in the hope that if the date goes well, they'd get a brand new home.  

We've had incredible success with the Date-A-Dog events. Claw has received thousands of Rands in donations and so far we've had a total of 39 dogs adopted!

This initiative has by far been the most special and meaningful part of our jobs. 




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