Benji + Moon was founded to support local artisans and change shelter animal lives, these are the talented South African hands, hearts and minds behind every Benji + Moon product that you support with your purchase:



Edson of Anne Rimbault Pottery Studio, maker of our B+M Original Small and Large Ceramics, Long-Eared Bowls and Puppy Starter and Kitty Kits Bowls 

“I am Edson, a thrower making pots on the wheel, I am a father of 3 boys with my wife, I learned pottery in Mzilikazi art centre in 1992 for 2 years and I was employed in Willsgrove Ware pottery and I moved to South africa to get better life. I worked for many potteries in S.A and ended up working for Anne’s pottery studio now, and that is where I meet Benji and Moon. I started by throwing samples for them and they ended up very happy with my work and we started getting very busy by helping each other. In my spare time I make your ceramics as I work for Anne. I love Benji and Moon because I learn a lot from them, its like if you collect half and half when you mix you make a whole number. Benji and Moon inspire me, a lot of my pottery skill is moving forward, especially in business thanks to Benji and Moon. I’m happy with my pottery skills and I am busy helping people to learn throwing now and very happy to teach people so that my skill will remain and not die.” 
Tharien of Swagger Collective, maker of our Elevated Stands + Bowls 
"We love working with Benji + Moon because we are both part of the South African Artisan community. Mutual support & collaboration is the recipe to creating unique handmade products in a very competitive market. Benji + Moon really creates beautiful products that we admire, making the work fun every time collaborate."
Cecelia of P Bloch & Co, one of the many makers of our B+M Dog Collars, Leads and Cat Collars
"P Bloch & Co, a family business established in 1929, was founded on the ideals of integrity, honesty and service, much like Benji + Moon we strive towards products we can proudly put our name behind, locally produced, that offer that rare balance of quality and fair value. Our dedicated staff have helped us rise to the challenges put forward by moving through 90 years of history into the 21st Century."
Rialheim, makers of our B+M Anti-Ant Bowls, Large and Small Branded Ceramics, Slow Feeder and Flat Faced Ceramics
“We knew it was going to be a match made in heaven collaborating with a local luxury brand specialising in bespoke and quality animal accessories. We are thrilled that the collaboration could give birth to one of the favourites, the Anti-Ant bowl, that is not only conceptually genius, but aesthetically sophisticated and practical.”
Grace of H18, one of the many makers of our B+M Dog Toys
"H18 Foundation NPO was founded to address the unemployment crisis by providing skills training to unemployed Women from the Joe Slovo Informal Settlement in Milnerton, Cape Town.
H18 provides craft skills training such as Crochet, Macramé and Sewing. The materials are provided to the ladies, and they work at the premises creating the gorgeous wares, including the Solo dog toys sold via Benji & Moon. The completed, quality checked items are then purchased from the ladies, providing them with a constant income.
H18 Foundation encourages the ladies to find full time employment whilst earning an income at H18, and to date more than 100 ladies have passed through the doors, leaving with a skill they can use anywhere to create an income for their families.
The importance of women being able to financially sustain their families is immeasurable, basics such as putting a sandwich in a lunchbox for school, or making sure that the rent is paid, are taken for granted by many, but for these ladies, it is life changing. H18 ensures instant income generating opportunities, as soon as the ladies have mastered a pattern they begin earning, there is no job hunting required after training, H18 purchases all their crafts as they make them.
We all need to Shop with Conscience, and by purchasing an H18 Foundation Dog Toy from Benji & Moon, you are providing your pooch with a quality, machine washable toy, and empowering the ladies of H18 Foundation."
Nicola Smith Kilnhouse Design Studio
Nicola Smith of Kiln House Design Studio maker of our B+M Spilled Milk Small and Large Pet Bowls
"Collaborating with Benji + Moon was a no-brainer for me. I've always admired their brand and collaborative spirit. The Spilled Milk pet bowls are just the beginning of a very exciting partnership with humans, dogs and cats alike."
Kristin + Marlene of Black Betty makers of our B+M Mouse Skull Cat Collar Charm
Strongcor, maker of our B+M Puppy Starter and Kitty Kit Boxes
With special mention of our previous makers:
Baby Noe Noe and Little Pine Tree of our B+M Crocheted Cat Toys,
Madeleine of our B+M Crocheted Cat Dens and Baskets,
Ronel Jordaan of our B+M Merino Wool Cat Cocoons and Dog Beds,
Damn Good Looking of our B+M Fabric Dog Beds and
Solid Concrete of our B+M Concrete Bowls.
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