Benji + Moon Gift Registry Service

We now have a Gift Registry function just for you and your much-loved tails’ birthday, bark or meow mitzvah or even passing puppy school.


Here are some simple instructions to help create your own:

When on the Benji + Moon store and browsing our products you’ll see when you visit a product details page below the ‘add to cart’ button is an ‘add to registry’ button for adding this product to your gift registry.


Before adding the product to your registry though, you have to create a registry for your event for example Benji’s Birthday.

To do this click the ‘add to registry’ button which will open up a side bar.


Here please click on the ‘create now’ button to start building your registry.

Once you have clicked the ‘create now’ button a new window will open where by clicking the ‘create’ button you can start compiling all the details of your gift registry onto your form.

After filling in the form click on the ‘create my registry’ button.


Your registry named for example ‘Benji’s Birthday’ is now created.

Now you can go to each of the product details pages you’d like to add to your registry and click on the ‘Add to registry’ button to add the product you would like to your registry.

The more you click the ‘add to registry’ button the more the increment in the gift icon will total.


By clicking on the gift icon, you will see your registry name and the added products information. Simply click the edit button for editing of products already added. Once complete you can then share your registry URL with Benji’s friends and family by click on the share button and leave it up to them to shop your choices.


Thank you for making Benji part of your special day and a special thank you from all the CLAWbies at CLAW (Community Led Animal Welfare) who receive 5% of each purchase as a donation.

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