Product image 1DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON
Product image 2DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON
Product image 3DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON
Product image 4DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON
Product image 5DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON
Product image 6DOG COLLAR TAG - BENJI + MOON

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With Benji + Moon’s custom made stainless steel slide-on tags you’ll never lose a dog tag or hear them jangling against their food and water bowl again. Our tags are sleek, durable, rust proof and made for our B+M Collars.

Send us your dogs name and your phone number/s and we’ll have it laser engraved onto the tag for you (included in the cost). 

Collar not included.


Small slides onto a 1.4cm wide collar (Benji + Moon Small Leather and Active Collar Fit)

Medium slides onto a 2.2cm (leather) 1.6cm (active) wide collar (Benji + Moon Medium Leather and Active Collar fit)

Large slides onto a 2.5cm wide collar (Benji + Moon Large Leather and Active Collar fit)

Extra Large slides onto a 3cm wide collar (Benji + Moon Large Plus and Extra Large Leather Collar fit)

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