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Benji + Moon's Moisture Bar is hand formulated with all-natural vegan healing ingredients featuring chamomile petals and sage essential oil.

Nourish, protect and repair your dogs skin, paws, nose and calluses before and after adventures with this bar of locally handcrafted goodness.


45g Bar


Mango butter: Ultra moisturizing and combats free radicals in the skin, which can cause dryness and cracking 
Sweet almond oil: great for treating dry and itching skin, soothing as well
Organic Virgin Coconut oil: super moisturising and prevents flaking, can improve damaged skin and reduce allergens
Candelilla wax: Because of its high ester, fatty acid, and moisture retaining properties Candelilla wax is one of the best suited ingredients for dog's paws and snouts
Cetearyl alcohol: for spreadability and ingredient binding
Vitamin E: natural preservative
Chamomile petals: soothing botanical
Sage EO: Antibacterial, can treat cuts, cracks and damaged skin for faster healing


Plaiin Cosmetics makers of all-natural, vegan, and zero-waste body products focused on feeding and nourishing minds and bodies.


Roll the bar all year round over paw pads, noses and outer ear areas, and to dry or chapped skin.

Good enough to eat, don't worry if it gets licked.

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