Where does one begin to tell a tale of one of the most treasured chapters in your life's story.

It began when I was born into this world. A little Shannon & a heart for animals. Being outside Catching butterflies, exploring in rockpools at the ocean discovering all sorts of wierd and wonderful creature's. From mothering my own rabbit, hamster & budgy to be given the ultimate responsibility of being a mom to my first dog's . Sam & Button's. 
Jody & Sasha came after when I hit double digits in my age. These dog's set the tone for my future & were certainly my most memorable dog's as a kid. 
Sasha was a Labrador & Jody was a corgi. I spent countless hours playing with them in the garden. They were my comfort as my parents fought. They truly were the angels I needed during that period of my life. 
I would sneak out at night with my duvet and sleep in their kennel with them. Remember, back in those days, dog's were only dog's. They stayed outside to protect us and keep our Persian rugs clean. They were certainly alone most of the time & had no say in the matter. Come rain or shine their destiny belonged outside between four walls. 
I loathed it. 
My heart was then ripped to pieces when I lost my two best friends in a messy divorce between my folks. Even writing this, about 25 years later, still brings a heaviness to the surface. 
From that moment onward, all I wanted was to be a "grown up" and have my own dog's again. It took a very long time to get there. The road was long, rough & lonely. 
And then, out of nowhere, just like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, I was being pursued by a very handsome Labrador named Danny & his owner, Jonno, who happened to be very handsome too. That was the moment life manifested into all the desires of my heart. 
I have always struggled with anxiety & panic attacks & Danny became a calming force in my heart and mind. During this time I found photography on a whim which collided in perfect harmony with my love for Danny. I found such Joy in photographing that handsome fluff ball. This was pure therapy for me & as I have always said, God ordained, "Dog meets girl" was born. 
I followed what Brought me the most peace and the most Joy while feeding my constant creative, high achieving business brain. 
Jonno went on one knee with Danny holding a rose, asking me to do life with them and I said yes to such a beautiful question. A week after our wedding in a Chapel in a forest in Knysna, my next dream came true.... Bailey. 
My very own puppy. The dream I had as a hurt child finally came true the day the man who loves me walked through the door, surprising me with what I had always wanted. 
From that day on I have dedicated my life to bringing Joy and awareness through my Photography around dogs. In hopes that my life may encourage others to think differently about owning a pet, which IS the greatest gift but also, the greatest responsibility. They trust us to make the best decisions for them. We have domesticated these spectacular beings, therefore we need to to take our role very seriously! 
Life has Blessed me with many wonderful opportunities since DMG began, many incredible Friends & Clients -  Benji and Moon to begin with! A Brand I LOVE & respect wholeheartedly. 
Life also took my Danny boy away but then Blessed us with our little Madam, Jessie. I am so grateful to everyone who has believed in DMG, who cares for their dog's as much as I do. 
To do Life with Dog's, is simply the best! So here's to many many many more wonderful adventures with our Dogs! 
- Shannon Sweetman of @dogmeetsgirl and @dogmeetsgirl_box
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